Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paying attention to your submissions: time to break out the ol' Picard Facepalm

Wow, I must have been more tired than I thought over the weekend.

I managed to simultaneously submit the same story to two different places.

I do keep track of my submissions to the best of my abilities, but it looks like I forgot to list that one properly.

Guess this is a good time to look into proper submission tracker software.

Stupid mistake number...what is it now? Ah well, if I'm not making mistakes, I'm not doing submissions, which means I'm not writing., and writing, is a learning experience.

Take it away Jean-Luc...


  1. Try Sonar3 by Spacejock software. It is a free submission-tracker download created by a writer for writers. I've used various versions of it for years.

  2. Thanks Ripley. I was trying to remember the name of the one you told me about the other weekend. Knew it started with S!