Thursday, January 10, 2013

The SJVs Nominations Now Open

It's that time of year again - nom nom nomination time!

Nominations are now open until March 31st for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2013, New Zealand's very own speculative fiction awards. Voting and the award ceremony will take place at this year's national con, Au Contraire. You can find the guidelines here, the rules are here, and addresses for making a nomination (email and snail mail) can be found on the SFFANZ front page.

I have two stories eligible for nomination. The first is "The City of Sand and Knives", which appeared in the The Future Fire Issue 22 in February 2012. The second is "Cartography, and the Death of Shoes", from Crossed Genres anthology "Fat Girl in a Strange Land", released February 2012.

If you liked either of these stories, I would be honoured to be considered for a nomination. And if you know of any stories or books by New Zealand authors released in 2012 you think worthy of a nomination, drop me a line in the comments. I already have a list short stories I'd like to nominate, but a refresher never hurt!

And nao, fer teh kewtness:

Nom nom nom nom nominated

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