Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 ---> 2016

A quiet end to 2015 writing wise led to a quiet start to 2016, which means I'm a bit late with my usual Round Up-Look Forward post. But here we are, so lets check out what's happening in Pickled Land.

In 2016, I had seven pieces published: five short stories, one novelette, and one non-fiction essay. Four of the stories were written pre-Clarion, one of them was a Clarion story, and one of them was post-Clarion. The essay was also post-Clarion, and written in quite the frenzy, I might add, to be as awesome as I wanted it to be and submit by deadline!

I've very proud of everything that came out last year, all for different reasons. I'm happy one of my Clarion stories ("Gravity Well") was picked up because it was a weird little number. I'm happy my River City novelette finally saw the light of day, and that it was published in Andromeda Spaceways, a venue I've wanted to be in for some years. I was pleased to be repeat published by two venues, Betwixt and The Future Fire. I'm stoked that "She Must" was published at a New Zealand venue, not only because it's another weird number, but also I wrote it quickly for deadline, proving I can still create something good under pressure.

I'm also very proud my Tiptree essay was published in "Letters To Tiptree", putting me alongside many big name writers, Tiptree academics, and proponents of feminist science fiction. I'd been longing for some time to find a way to express my admiration and thanks to one of my formative writing influences, and the stars certainly aligned with "Letters to Tiptree".

2016 is not empty of success by any means. I already have three stories lined up for publication. The Future Fire has picked up one of my Clarion stories (my fourth publication with them), which will come out in March. A New Zealand SFF anthology called "At The Edge" will come out in June and includes my story "Splintr". And the publication I am most excited about this year is my Clarion story "An Atlas in Sgraffito Style" (gawd, I love that title) has found a home at one of my favourite venues, Shimmer.

2016 is also the year of Au Contraire 3 in Wellington this coming June. I'm stoked to be invited as the writing Guest of Honour. I've been thinking about my GoH speech for months, but still can't come up with anything stellar. I'm nervous, but see it as a great opportunity to get out there in front of people. Sitting in my office day after day tapping away at my lappy has made me complacent on the networking front.

I don't have any firm plans for the year yet, other than the mentioned publications and convention, so as for 2015 its a bit of take it as it comes. I set myself a goal last year of three pro publications - well, 1 out of 3 ain't bad! I'm going to shoot for the same this year and I'm already one up. Technically, Shimmer doesn't count as pro, but in my head they do! They're one of the best.

Here's to bigger and better things in 2016. Still gotta be published in Asimov's, and I ain't dead yet!

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