Monday, March 21, 2016

Kickstarter for "At The Edge"

"At The Edge" cover:
an astronaut in a battered spacesuit stands
atop a mountain range, helmet in hand, looking
down a long valley with a river winding
through it.
New Zealand and Australia has an interesting heritage of dark, dystopian speculative fiction aided by our history of living at the edge of the world, oceans our borders, next stop the Antarctic.

"At The Edge" is an anthology that aims to explore this liminal theme of our being physically cut off from the world. Published by Paper Road Press, and edited by Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts, the table of contents is a great representation of Australasian authors hard at work in the genre:

Jodi Cleghorn: The Leaves no Longer Fall
Carlington Black: The Urge
Martin Livings: Boxing Day
Phillip Mann: The Architect
Debbie Cowens: Hood of Bone
Anthony Phillips: Crossing
EG Wilson: 12-36
David Stevens: Crop Rotation
Michelle Child: Narco
Richard Barnes: The Great and True Journey
AJ Ponder: BlindSight
Keira McKenzie: In Sacrifice We Hope
Jan Goldie: Little Thunder
Joanne Anderton: Street Furniture
Eileen Mueller: Call of the Sea
Octavia Cade: Responsibility
JC Hart: Hope Lies North
David Versace: Seven Excerpts from Season One
Paul Mannering: The Island at the End of the World
Summer Wigmore: Back When the River Had No Name
AJ Fitzwater: Splintr
Tom Dullemond: One Life, No Respawns
Andi Buchanan: And Still the Forests Grow though we are Gone

To help the print run of "At The Edge", Paper Road Press are running a Kickstarter. The goal is a modest $NZ1000, and rewards include the e-book of the anthology, e-bundles, short story critiques, a tuckerization, and a dinner critique session with the editors.

I'd love it if the word could be spread about this Kickstarter. I'm very proud of the story I wrote for the anthology, and the book will have a unique NZ/Aus flavour to it.