Monday, January 29, 2018

I Did It

Forty rejections and eight years later, I've sold a story to Clarkesworld.

It's a strange combination of can't even excitement and being able to breathe again.

I've had Clarkesworld on my Must Do list since the beginning, because they're one of my favourite magazines to read, and I respect the vision Neil Clarke has for the work he publishes.

It's a big hill to climb, which might make it easier to climb the next and the next...(one down, four other Must Do venues to go).

The story is called "Logistics", and is about Enfys, a non-binary person, searching for sanitary products in a post antibiotic resistant apocalyptic European wasteland. It's like "Even the Queen" and Joanna Russ on steroids. There's a lot of discussion about necessary bodily functions and how to cope when you can't just pop down to the supermarket for tampons.

It's partly inspired by a lecture I attended at Worldcon by Tiffani Angus of Anglia Ruskin University, talking about the deficit of femme health issues covered in speculative fiction. People still get their period and carry pregnancies during difficult times, trans people will still need medication and care, so what does that look like in the future or in an apocalyptic world where sanitation, health care, and access to medical needs has changed or is perhaps non-existent?

The story is so far set to be published in the May issue of Clarkesworld.

"Logistics" is not the only publication coming out soon. My base of stories soon to be published has crept up on me because I don't blog as often, but this year is starting to look good. "Through the Eye of the Needle" will be up at Giganotosaurus on February 1st (three days!). I've also got stories pending at Beneath Ceaseless Skies ("The Wild Ride of the Untamed Stars"), Glittership ("Granny Death and the Drag King of London"), and Three-Lobed Burning Eye ("Fault Lines").

A good start to the year, eh.

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