Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February Stuff: Giganotosaurus and Glittership and NZ Festival Oh My

Things are happening at A Rate this month, my bow tie is spinning.

First up: I will be interviewing Charlie Jane Anders (!!!) at New Zealand Festival Readers and Writers Week. "Beautiful Fantasy" is Saturday, March 10 at the Festival Club. I'm stunned and delighted to be asked by the Festival to undertake this task. Nervous as all get out, this is a Big Deal for me. And, hehe, I'm described as a "speculative practitioner". That's going into my bio from now on.

Second up: "Through the Eye of the Needle" went live at Giganotosaurus on February 1. Enormous dragon Kitahniaa is trapped in a magical prison by the mysterious Mistress who uses female (and in the case of Kitahniaa, non-male) practitioners of magic to her own evil ends. There Kitahniaa meets Riena, who can do amazing things with needle and thread. Do they trust each other, or is it simply another trick to strip the once great dragon of what remains of their dignity?

Third up: "Granny Death and the Drag King of London", my Freddie Mercury tribute story, is live at Glittership! I also did the narration for this, and it was so much fun finding the voices of the characters. I'm all a-fluff this story found a home at Glittership. Set in the days after dear Freddie's death, and imbued in the panic of the AIDS crisis, drag king Lacey deals with rejection, trauma, and death badly. Is she too so close to death she's seeing some weird demon lady crashing funeral buffet tables?

2018, you're doing A Thing. Yeek.

Freddie Mercury, Live at Wembley, 1986.