Friday, March 23, 2018

Something Something March Update

This year feels like there's positive steady momentum. Probably a mix of a steady uptick in published stories, a change to my writing approach, and lots of positive feedback.

Writer's and Readers 2018 went awesome. My session with Charlie Jane Anders was a great discussion on the themes of disability and diversity in her work, Ursula K LeGuin's legacy, climate change, and the future of queer speculative literature. Charlie Jane and I had a great chemistry, and I'm so proud of the conversation we delivered. Live Artist Tara Black drew a cartoon of our event, and Elizabeth Heritage wrote the review to go with it at the Booksellers blog. Thanks Charlie Jane - I really loved hanging out with you! May we meet up again sometime in the future. The NZ Festival team were very supportive for a small time writer like me, and I really appreciate the opportunity to try out my festival chops at such a big time event. Thanks to Mark Cubey who was full of energy and support, and to Rachael King (yo, Word Christchurch 2018 is gonna be awesome!) for putting my name out there.

Reviews have been happening of my most recent work. Big shout out to Charles Payseur and his Quick Sip Reviews. He's reviewed three of my most recent works:"Through the Eye of the Needle" and "Granny Death", as well as "From the Womb of the Land..." at Book Smugglers new X Marks the Story short fiction review blog. Charles gives such incisive and thoughtful critiques, and does great work filling the niche of short sff fiction reviewing. Jason Sanford also had nice things to say about "Granny Death".

My Big Deal of the year is only a few days away, with "Logistics" going live at Clarkesworld in their April issue. I am incredibly excited to share this story with the world (I think it's my best to date), as well as be featured on a platform like Clarkesworld. What happens when you need tampons and gender confirmation surgery after the apocalypse? Follow Enfys through post-phage Europe to find out...

The SJVs are this coming Easter weekend as well, and I'm short listed in the Short Story Category for "From the Womb of the Land...". So if you're a SFFANZ member or going to Conclave, don't forget to vote.

And to wrap up, a bow tie cat pic: