Thursday, May 17, 2018

Talking About "Logistics"

"Logistics" from Clarkesworld Issue 139 has been out in the world six weeks now, and it's been exciting watching the chatter around it. I'd hoped to make an impact because sanitary products is not a theme usually explored in speculative fiction. Here's to more stories about reproductive justice!

Tiffani Angus, the academic whose lecture at Worldcon was part inspiration for the story, interviewed me and was kind enough to let me ramble on about reproductive justice in fiction, toilets on spaceships, and social justice in the sff community in general. You can read the interview over at her blog: "Interview with activist and author AJ Fitzwater"

Charles Payseur has been doing thoughtful and kind reviews of my work this year, and "Logistics" has warranted mention three times in his various review capacities! His Quick Sip review, a shout out in his Patreon (support!) post about queer stories, and in The Book Smugglers (!) X Marks the Spot for May. Honoured and humbled.

At their blog, Brigid Keeley has done a long, thoughtful analysis. Thank you so much.

And Maria Haskins takes a look in 9 Extra Stellar Short Stories I Read in April at her blog.