Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Cover: "The Voyages of Cinrak The Dapper", coming April 2020

Baby's First Cover Reveal!

I feel like I've hit the jackpot on my first book cover art. An enormous thanks to Dian Huynh for my beautiful star lit Cinrak. Lettering by Terry Roy.

"The Voyages of Cinrak The Dapper" will be released in April 2020 by Queen of Swords Press and is a collection of stories about Cinrak and her Ratdom pals. There's Loqui, her marmot soprano diva lover, the rat queen Orvillia who is the other part of their ethical poly triad, Benj the trans boy chinchilla and his kraken friend Agnes, a mysterious rainbow whale, and lots of unionized pirate shenanigans.


Cover for "The Voyages of Cinrak The Dapper". A silhouette of a capybara
stands against a blue and purple star field, with a pirate ship floating through its center.