Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Quick Trip and Promotion Update

As with all of life right now, my book release trip to Wiscon and the Nebula conference has been complicated by Covid-19. I have cancelled my trip.

I am sad and disappointed, but I want to keep my friends, family, and writing community safe - I'd hate to be a vector.

I am planning to hold over memberships and tickets. and go to Wiscon in 2021.

At this point, I'm pivoting to online promotion. If you'd like me on your blog or podcast talking about queer rodent pirates or shape shifting land girls of New Zealand's WW2, hit me up. Email address is in my ALL NEW Press Kit (see tool bar above), now with fancy Author Photos.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Cinrak Round The Town

It's just under a month (ahhhhhhh!) until "The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper" is released, and here's a round up of some chatter round the town.

A.C. Wise says "It’s fun, it’s charming, it’s packed full of adventure and glittering prose." I've done an interview with Wise, which will be out in April. 

Maria Haskins liked the different approach to challenge: "To me, this explicit lack of A Giant Evil Foe, echoes one of the things I love the most about many Miyazaki movies: the ability to tell compelling and exciting stories without the need for death and destruction and bloody fights to the death."

Life Achievement Unlocked! Reviewed by Publishers Weekly! "This delightful diversion will reel in anyone in need of a quirky break from reality."

Use Good Reads? Add Cinrak to your To Read list

Cinrak is available to pre-order in e-book and paperback formats from a variety of retailers. Click through here to discover the most convenient for you.

And here's one that gave me a little thrill - Cinrak at Book Depository! Cough, I mean, death to capitalism, and give equal distribution for all art, but one has to work within while attempting to break the system. Baby gotta exist. 

I'm currently in Major Prep Promotion Mode, so there'll be lots of interviews and blogposts coming out from the end of March. 

Thanks for all the enthusiasm, pre-orders, and support lately folks. Baby's First Book Release is a strange and nerve-wracking time, especially in these very trying times. So here's a capy being chill.

A capybara, a large square faced rodent, sits with eyes closed as a butterfly lands on its head.