Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Cinrak is OUT!

The Voyages of Cinrak the Dapper has launched! Onto the seas of Rodentdom, into the heart of the stars, deep into Whale Fall...

We're deep into the Very Strange Times, and the last few weeks have been A LOT all at once. Holding it together for a book release has been difficult, and I really feel for all the other authors competing through the virtual noise and trying times for the arts. I really appreciate all the support and love thrown Cinrak's way. As I say in the introduction to the book, it's about finding joy in the chaos, working our way through this together.

I have been all over the place, in the metaphorical and literal sense!

  • My attempt at a virtual release party didn't go as planned. I got Zoom bombed. Lessons were learned. Fuck those guys. Fuck Zoom for their terrible security. I guess it's quite special certain entities think now I'm a Loud Enough queer in the world I deserve to be harassed. Here's my middle finger salute - I'm not shutting up. Anywho, deepest apologies to the attendees of the party I couldn't bring back into the new private meeting. After collecting myself, we carried on and I delivered the speech, reading, and chat, albeit to about a third of the people who wanted to come. The party was recorded, and will be put up for viewing soon.

  • Speaking of recordings (arh arh. Come on, Cinrak is all about the puns), there's now a You Tube video of me reading from Perfidy at the Felidae Isles

  • Reviews! Charles Payseur at (Hugo nominated!) Quick Sip Reviews has given Cinrak a deep and nuanced read.

    "I feel that the collection does a great job of layering, of being a hope not to tell people they don’t need to work or to fight, but be that fuel to readers. To carry that fight further, reminding always that cynicism is no path forward."

  • Maria Haskins says in the Quarterly Short Fiction Round Up at Strange Horizons

    "This is escapist fantasy at its best: very queer, full of dazzling fun with a giddy sense of adventure[.]"

  • Nerds of a Feather's Questing in Shorts says

    "[I]ts core cast all have enjoyable personalities and quirks to watch, and Cinrak herself is a delight at the heart of it all."

  • Virtual cons! r/fantasy is running a quarantine Virtual Con over the next few months. Along with Alexandra Rowland, K.D. Edwards, and C.L. Polk, we talked Queer SFF.

    I have a solo AMA coming up on May 21.

  • Guest Posting! I was privileged to take part in Mary Robinette Kowal's My Favourite Bit with "Turn The Puns Up To 11".

  • On Cat Rambo's blog, I talk about how "Kraken's Are Friends, Not Food".

  • LGBTQ Reads had me over to talk about Queer Speculative Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • Nerds of a Feather let me play in the Six Books sandbox.

So Cinrak now belongs to the world. The journey has changed from Coming Out to letting my baby go and Be Their Queer Best for the reader that needs her. I'm also trying very hard not to be That Person watching Amazon ranks. Down with capitalism! Tax Bezos! Eat the rich! Return Amazon to the workers! Pirates say Unionize! But buy my book. From indie bookstores if you can, because they need our support right now.