Thursday, June 4, 2020

Pride Month Storybundle Including Cinrak

It's Pride month, and Queen of Swords Press has curated a StoryBundle featuring queer authors and publishers. And Cinrak is included!

Pay at least $15 to unlock all eleven (11!) books, or add more to pay what you think the books are worth. Because it's a really good cause this StoryBundle is supporting: Rainbow Railroad.

Rainbow Railroad assists LGBTQI refugees who need to escape persecution and violence. It gives them the information and resources to leave countries where being queer means facing state-sponsored violence, and find safety and shelter elsewhere.

Enjoy a heap of cool queer books and support Rainbow Railroad with the Pride StoryBundle, available now. For more information, here is an introduction from curator Catherine Lundoff.

And remember: the first Pride was a riot against police brutality. We're not going back.

The Pride StoryBundle cover mashup, featuring covers of books by RR Angell, Ginn Hale, The Capricious Gender Diver Pronouns Issue, Nicole Kimberling, Craig Laurence Gidney, A.C. Wise, Heather Rose Jones, AJ Fitzwater, Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett, and Andrea Hairston

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