Sunday, July 12, 2020

Update: Stories, Year's Best, Podcasts

Another round of Dispatches From the Strange Times. It feels like a heck of a lot of nothing is getting done, but I'm always busy. And tired. So very tired. Everyone is tired.

So have some stories.

The best story I've written (I believe) is finally graced upon the world. "How To Build A Unicorn" is now free to read over at Fireside Fiction. There's one paragraph of this story that when I wrote it, I sat back at said "I'll never be able to write something as good as that again." I'd like the Void to prove me wrong, but here it is, in this moment. Big ups to LD Lewis for editing, and Victor Ramos for the narration. Please welcome the second of the Unicorn Triptych into the world.

I haven't had a new story out in the world since this time last year, and I had TWO land within 24 hours. The second is "Cascade" over at The Future Fire. This is my fifth story at TFF, and they always put out quality indie content. This story is about a trans guy mourning the death of his best friend, and in a drunken state with his other friends manifesting a Goddess of Change into the world.

Cover for Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand
Science Fiction and Fantasy Vol2.
Orange and yellow. A Maori woman's face
surrounded by flowing hair.
My next story coming out is a reprint of "Hearts Made Marble, Weapons Shaped From Bone" in Year's Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 2 from Paper Road Press. We'll be holding a virtual release party at ConZealand. Check out the beautiful cover art by Laya Mutton-Rogers, who did the artwork for No Man's Land.

Speaking of ConZealand, I'm getting ready to attend this virtual Worldcon at the end of the month. I understand I am on panels and doing a couple of readings. Gonna be great sharing our SFF with the world.

I've recently done some podcast interviews. Check out the WROTE Podcast (51 mins) where I talk about being completely not normal, expound on She-Ra, get into the gritty of writing myself into the world, and glitter-layzur empathy rays.

And here I am chatting with Queer Words podcast (19 mins) about Cinrak and the need for political joy in the Strange Times.

A big thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of Cinrak and/or No Man's Land  in the last few months. Your support means everything.

Hang in there.